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10800 Normandale Boulevard, Suite 103M
Bloomington, MN 55437

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
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10800 Normandale Boulevard, Suite 103M
Bloomington, MN 55437

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Brief History

Budget Hearing Centers, BHC, is committed to guiding you through the entire process of addressing your hearing health.  Beginning with answering all your questions and providing individual consultation to find the specific hearing solution that is right for you.  Hearing solutions focusing on your lifestyle and of course your budget.

BHC history dates back to 1986.  Over the years Paul Thulin owner/hearing practitioner has tested over 3,000 clinic patients from Minnesota, North Dakota and Western Wisconsin.  During his career he has fit over 2,500 satisfied patients with a myriad of types and brands of hearing aids.  Due to his own severe high frequency hearing loss, he understands his patients concerns and can relate to them.  He found initially committing to wearing hearing aids full time was difficult.  That’s right, even though he worked with patients daily it was also for him a life changing decision.  He found although that once the decision had been made he quickly found out the extent of what he had been missing.  Thulin commented, “if you take that first step like I did years ago, I am positive you won’t be sorry!”

BHC awards.  During December of 2018 the Sun Newspapers and the residents of Edina, Minnesota awarded the Blue Ribbon Award to BHC for being the Best Hearing Practice.  During December of 2017, the Sun Newspapers and the residents of Bloomington, Minnesota awarded BHC with the Blue Ribbon Best Practice Award.  BHC was also privileged to be nominated by the Better Business Bureau for the Minnesota Ethics in Business Award during 2018.  BHC has been a member and contributor to the International Hearing Society and the Minnesota Hearing Healthcare Providers..



Mission Statement

The Mission of Budget Hearing Centers is provide patients with adult hearing deficiencies affordable pricing for major brand hearing aids.  In addition BHC pledges to provide the most competent, ethical, and technologically advanced hearing healthcare services and aftercare.  In doing so our focus is on showing each patient respect, patience, and empathy in order to foster open communication towards patient hearing concerns.

Budget Hearing Centers Hearing Consultation

When a potential patient and their loved one comes in for a hearing consultation, a Practitioner will listen each persons direct or indirect hearing concerns.  From that input the Practitioner will determine what the next step should be.  Most appointments last two plus hours opposed to the traditional half or one hour review.  BHC feels that a decision encompassing a life changing action should not be rushed and fully discussed by all.


What to Expect During a Hearing Exam

Practitioner and patient discussion
  • 1. Assessment:  A Hearing Practitioner will go over with the patient a series of questions regarding medical and hearing history. These questions will focus upon potential reasons for a hearing loss such the taking of ototoxic drugs, childhood and adult illnesses, injuries, environment noise subjected to, genetics and any other factors that may have contributed to a potential hearing loss.

  • nwe-ear-wax-station

    2. Visual Examination:  A lighted instrument called a Video Otoscope will be used to examine patient’s ear canals and ear drums. The ear exam can be viewed on two large screen monitors.  Patients are generally amazed when seeing the inside of each ear on screen for the first time.  The hearing practitioner will be looking for any issues before beginning the hearing test.  If needed any wax blockages that will may hamper the hearing test will be removed.  Color pictures for the patient’s file are most often taken.

    hearing evaluations in Bloomington, MN
  • Comprehensive Hearing Test

    3. Tone Test:  Once you’ve answered the assessment questions and have finished the otoscopic examination, the actual hearing test will be next. A Practitioner will take you to a soundproof booth that blocks out all outside sounds.  Comfortable foam ear inserts will be placed into each ear. When the test is administered you will be listening for tones from a variety of low and high frequencies.  All you will need to do is push a button located on a handheld joystick when you hear various frequency tones.  During the testing the Practitioner will complete a Pure Tone Test, a Mastoid Bone Conduction Test, a Non-Amplified Word Test, a Most Comfortable Listening Test, a Most Uncomfortable Listening Test, and Various Speech and Word Recognition Tests.  The data from each segment of your hearing test will be used to determine the disposition of your hearing, the depth of your loss if present, the measures needed to treat the loss and a cross test validation of all the hearing loss data.

  • Audiogram with Speech Sounds
  • Post Testing Results

    4. Results: The findings from these tests will be plotted on a graph called an Audiogram. An Audiogram, above, is arranged with frequencies across the bottom and decibels levels down the side.  The results show the relative ability of the right and left ears to hear various frequencies at specific decibel levels.  The testing results are discussed and shown on a large screen TV monitor, giving patients a thorough understanding of the information.  In addition a video library is available to the practitioner for additional patient questions.

    5. Solution:  BHC  is an authorized dealer for 8 major hearing aid brands thus has a wide range of solutions available.  Impartial suggestions will be presented based upon the patients specific loss, environments, daily activities, historic hearing issues, family genetics and pros/cons of different hearing aid brands/products.  Hearing Aid prices will also discussed.  Patients are encouraged to take their time to think about what was discussed and if need-be compare BHC prices.  Over 95% return to purchase from BHC after comparing pricing for like products.

    Customers also bring in tests that have been given by another Practice.  We will accept these accredited tests if they are, per FDA requirements, less than 6 months old.