Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Budget Hearing Centers (BHC) is committed to providing patients in need of amplification and word recognition. With a wide selection of digital hearing aids are available designed for all types of hearing loss, lifestyles and budgets. We believe quality products deliver the best solutions and have partnered with the industry’s top 8 manufacturers to ensure your hearing aids allow you to reconnect with friends and loved ones to enjoy a better quality of life.

We work with the following manufacturers to provide our practitioners with a depth in products to choose from not just one company’s solutions but if need be 8. It is important to remember hearing aids differ significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer and knowing the difference will give you the patient the best fit for your loss. From Receivers-In-The-Canal (RIC) to Behind-The-Ear (BTE) and In-The-Ear (ITE) Custom made hearing aids, BHC carries each manufacturer’s product lines.

Oticon’s history dates back to 1904. The company was founded by Hans Demant, whose wife struggled with hearing impairment. Oticon is headquartered in Denmark, just outside of Copenhagen, and has more than 3,000 employees in offices worldwide. Popular models include:

  • Real™ Ric Hearing Aids
  • Zircon™ Line of RIC Products
  • Exceed™ BTE Power and High Power Hearing Aids
  • Own™ In-The-Ear-Style Customs
  • Oticon™ Cross Transmitters

Oticon Key Features

Oticon hearing aids with BrainHearing™ support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound. Depending on the Oticon hearing aid model you choose, they can provide these benefits:
  • Follow multiple conversations and choose what to focus on
  • Access and make sense of meaningful sounds in your surroundings
  • Receive an unparalleled understanding of speech in noisy environments
  • Hear more with less effort
  • Automatically adapt to your sound surroundings
  • Rechargeable and Bluetooth and phone capability
  • Number 1 rated hearing aids in the World

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Note for all brands: BHC Audiology Specialists work with patients frequently in need of a Cross Transmitter but are unaware they exist. There are a number of different Cross products available. Let us help you choose the right one. If you have a Severe to Profound loss and need the most responsive high power hearing aids available. We are experts with our knowledge of prescribing the best major brand power aids on the market.

Phonak founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1947, employs more than 4,200 people worldwide. The company is a pioneer in hearing loss solutions, developing the first hearing aid to take advantage of Bluetooth technology. For over 70 years Phonak has provided innovative hearing solutions for people of all ages and degrees of hearing loss, to connect socially, thrive mentally and emotionally. Popular models include:

  • AudeoTM Lumity RIC Hearing Aids
  • NaidaTM BTE Power and High Power Hearing Aids
  • VirtoTM In-The-Ear Style Customs
  • PhonakTM Cross transmitters
  • Full line of Cross Transmitters, RIC, BTE and Custom

Phonak Key Features

  • Motion sensing that detects when you move and adjusts the hearing aid microphones and noise cancellation settings
  • Clearer speech in quiet settings feature amplifying the peaks of soft speech to provide clearer speech when you’re in a quiet environment.
  • Improved noise cancellation, introducing “Dynamic Noise Cancellation”, which is an automated spatial noise cancellation system that works in combination with a directional microphone system
  • Rechargeable with Bluetooth and phone capability

Phonak CROS B-R for has been designed for hearing losses that are profoundly Impaired or single sided deafness.   A cross transmits sound and voices to a wearers good ear hear for both ears thus enabling hearing along with sound direction.  If you have good hearing in one ear and impaired hearing in the other, many thousands of people have successfully regained bilateral sound recognition. The CROS B-R features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery providing a full day of hearing from both sides!

  • Cross B-R comes in all three styles of hearing aids, RICs, BTEs and Custom products.
  • CROS B-R automatically detects what listening situation you are in and switches to the best possible setting. You’ll forget you’re wearing it.
  • It can zoom in on the voice in front of you for better speech understanding.

Whether you are in a restaurant, on a busy street or simply having a one-on-one chat, with CROS B-R, you will immediately feel included in a conversation, regardless of the situation. No more having to position yourself so that everyone sits on your good side.  No more single sided deafness.

Note: Most of the major manufacturers Budget Hearing Centers works with have Cross transmitters available in various styles.

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Widex was founded in Denmark in 1956 and employs more than 4,000 people worldwide. Their full line of Hearing products is sold in over 100 countries, with the United States being one of their largest markets. Widex created the world’s first digital In-The-Ear hearing aid and today remains on the forefront with breakthroughs sound and wireless technologies. Popular models include:
  • Moment™ RIC Hearing Aids
  • Moment™ BTE Power and High Power Hearing Aids
  • Moment™ In-The-Ear Style Customs
  • Widex Cross transmitters

Widex Key Features

  • Widex hearing aids offer pure, natural sound powered by the ultra-fast PureSoundTM pathway.
  • Moment hearing aids have ZeroDelayTM engineering that delivers sound to the eardrum faster reducing the chance of frequency interference in the ear canal
  • Employ SoundSenseTM, machine learning technology for adaptation to personalized sound comfort
    True-Input Technology, which reduces peak-clipping, further reducing distortion of amplified sound
  • Musician preferred hearing aids due to their sound clarity and richness

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Signia is one of the largest hearing aid brands in the world. The company dates back to 1913, when it was owned by Siemen’s, the German engineering giant. Sivantos purchased the company from Siemens during 2021 and branded the hearing aid products with the name Signia. Sivantos brought to the new company a more forward-thinking focus and customer-centered vision. Popular models include:
  • Pure™  Charge & Go AX RIC Hearing Aids
  • Motion™ Charge & Go X BTE High Power Hearing Aids
  • Insio™  In-The-Ear Style Customs
  • Signia™   Cross transmitters

Signia Key Features

  • Augmented Focus™ uses dual speech processors and binaural beam-forming microphones to enhance speech sounds in noisy environments
  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing 2.0 uses acoustic-motion sensors to detect when you’re moving so your hearing aids listen to more of the sound around you
  • SoundSmoothing™ reduces sudden loud impact sounds such as doors slamming and handling glassware.
  • e2e wireless 4.0 enables continuous, full-bandwidth audio exchange between both hearing aids, with patented dual processing of your own voice and the remaining soundscape
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP™) scans and processes your own voice completely independently from all other sounds, which helps improve comprehension of other people’s speech
  • Extended dynamic range delivers 117 dB maximum input and 24bit processing, improving signal quality in loud environments

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Starkey Hearing Technologies was founded in 1967 by William Austin, who believed in the concept of bringing people together to change the world of hearing. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Starkey employs 5,000 people in 21 locations in 18 countries. Their hearing aids are manufactured both in the United States and Asia.  Popular models include:

  • Genesis™ AI Ric Hearing Aids
  • Evolv™ AI RIC Hearing Aids
  • Livio™ BTE Power and High Power Hearing Aids
  • Genesis In-The-Ear Customs
  • Picasso™ In-The-Ear Customs
  • Starkey Cross transmitters

Starkey Key Features

  • Deliver superior sound quality, listening clarity, more natural hearing and effortless transitions
  • Preserve peace and quiet while amplifying the important things, and help you better understand conversations
  • The world’s first In-The-Ear custom rechargeable hearing aids
  • Boost speech sounds to help make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks

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Note:  Budget Hearing Audiology Specialists work with patients frequently that are in need of a Cross Transmitter but are unaware they exist.  There are a number of different Cross products available.  Let us help you choose the right one.  If you have a Severe to Profound loss and need the most responsive high power hearing aids available.  We are experts with our knowledge of prescribing the best major brand power aids on the market.
Rexton has been manufacturing hearing aids since early 1955. The company manufacturers hearing aids for distribution globally.  Like a number of other hearing aid manufacturers they are also headquartered in Denmark.  Rexton is a subsidiary company of Sivantos Group who also owns Signia Hearing Aids. Sivantos in turn is owned by W.S. Technology that also owns Widex Hearing Aids.  One-third of the worlds hearing aids are supplied by these three companies.
  • Motion-Core™ R-L1 RIC Hearing Aids
  • Mosaic™ P BTE Power and High Power Hearing Aids
  • Sterling™ In-The-Ear Style Customs
  • Rexton Cross Tranmitters

Rexton Key Features

  • The new My Voice feature identifies the wearer’s voice among noisy environments
  • Stereo iLock technology that produces a focused beam of audio in front of the user, which provides them with a clear listening experience in noisy areas
  • Enhanced Intelligent Feedback Provider stops background whistling as a result of feedback
  • The Dynamic Extender increases the user’s range of hearing voices in other rooms

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Founded in 1964 in Newfoundland, Canada, Unitron was the first Canadian manufacturer of hearing aid technology. Unitron became well known for producing high quality analogue BTE’s. With the introduction of digital technology, they went from strength to strength, with features such as AntiShock and SmartFocus applauded by industry experts. They now have offices in over 20 countries and supply hearing aids to over 70. In 2000, Unitron was purchased by William Demant Company and now is a sister company of Phonak, who are both operated under the Sonova brand.


  • Moxi Blu™ RIC Hearing Aids
  • Stride™BTE Power and High Power Hearing Aids
  • Insera™  In-The-Ear Style Customs
  • Unitron Cross transmitters

Unitron Key Features

  • Latest generation of automatic sound processing
  • 2x memory capability of previous chipset (Discover)
  • AutoFocus 360 with dynamic noise reduction (not available on all technology levels)
  • New tap control for connecting to phones
  • Slimmer case for wearing comfort and improved cosmetics
  • Improved on-board control button for better tactile input

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When looking at hearing aids it can be very confusing.  Even for me when I was putting this together :>.  There are a lot of capabilities to choose from.  The key although is to remember, not all hearing aids will produce the same results.  Some brands just work better for a patient’s specific needs than others.  That’s why we carry all the major brands on an impartial basis.