Hearing Aid Repair

It is important to know the location of a trusted Better Business Bureau company that can service hearing aids. As an authorized dealer of most major hearing aid brands, Budget Hearing Centers has the know how.  It may be as basic as a clean and check for ear wax plugging your hearing aids or for that matter your ears.  Or a complete overhaul to bring your hearing aid up to current specs.  Budget Hearing Centers is always happy to  work with you.  If by chance we can’t fix the problem in-house our dealership status enables us to get the problem solved directly by the manufacturer.  Based upon the savings our patients enjoy on new hearing aids the same holds true when it comes to the bottom line for your hearing aid repair.  Estimates are given before repair is started.

Hearing aids 10 years or older are generally not repairable due to parts availability. Programming is available forwireless hearing aids only that are 5-6 years or less in age.