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Fill out the Ready To Purchase Order Form

Step 2

If you have a Hearing Test that is Less than 6 months old email or Fax The Test and the Ready to Purchase Order Form to:


Step 3

One of our Audiology Specialists will call you to review your information and test data. If you do not have a current hearing test our Specialist will arrange a remote video home test.


Your Specialist will test you and go over the test results. Unbiased hearing aid suggestions according to your loss and lifestyle will be discussed. If appropriate your Specialist will set up delivery of your new hearing aids.

Step 5

Prior to being shipped a Budget Hearing Centers Audiology Technician will custom program your hearing aids using your test data loaded into the manufacturer's product software.

Step 6

Your 1-3 year Factory Warranty and Loss/Damage product coverage will be under your name filed with the manufacturer enabling you to take your hearing aids to any authorized manufacturer’s dealer.

Please answer all the questions as the information is essential in the review of your hearing test and the programming of your hearing aids. This program is limited to long distance customers that are not within reasonable driving distance, 100 miles or more, from our practice.

Thank You Once Again!

*Hearing aid purchase requests are processed consistent with Congressional Bill: S.670 - Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017